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How Ally met Mandy.

& Discovered the Formula

The world of department store buying in the fashion industry is not a forgiving place. A buyer, with an eye for fashion, that can move fashion picks in the tens of thousands on the floor in a few weeks is a rare commodity for a necessity. So when Mandy bustled into the head buyers office shortly after being earning her own department (sleepwear) and was relentless in having the best options on the floor for her department, the head buyer (Ally :) decided someone so dedicated should have a more impactful department. Settling Mandy in the Juniors & Plus department, the duo were instrumental in the stores amazing growth from 86 stores to over 450 culminating in a IPO.

So when Ally decided her work was there was done and opened a successful fashion consulting agency utilizing her vast network and talents., Mandy continued on for the next 5 years excelling at the traditional method of buying with great success. 

Never losing touch over the years, the duo decided to put their talent and dedication to high quality fashion picks for a great price, to work for them and you. Thus Mandy+Ally was born!

Utilizing the amazing tools of internet and social selling, the two started buying for themselves, styles they loved, trends they had to have, always with a strict eye on quality and value. Today, they work tirelessly going from showroom to showroom, designer to designer, and finding the gems of the fashion industry to share them with the world... with you!

The formula to this day is simple. Mandy+Ally = Perfect Picks for Great Value.

Mandy and Ally

Wishing you all a happy (& fashionable ;) summer!